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The association GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz aims to promote the mental health of all and is involved in the prevention, as well as the integration and support of people who are affected by mental illness and their families..

Filmmatinee, podium
October 28, 2018
Office of Health Canton Thurgau
Frauenfeld TG


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Lecture (Closed Society) Lions Club Lucerne
Wed 28th November 18   6014 Lucerne-Littau
Anniversary event (25 years)   sintegrA Zurich
Wed 12th December 18 16:30 – 22:00 People’s House, Zurich
Event   Network project with other clubs
Postponed 2019 GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz, Avanti donne, …
Portrait presentation, podium   Patronage group Ruswil
Postponed 2019 Ruswil
Stand action   Handicap Fair, Lucerne
Fri 29th + Sat 30th November 19   Door opening: ???
Stand action   ArWo Frutigland,
Sat 27th June 2020   Door opening: ???
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