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Point of contact

You are looking for help?

No problem, here you will find various supervisors and therapists from our club.

Peer Psychiatrie
  Hans Schmied
Kapfweid 16
6020 Emmenbrücke
Privatnummer: 041 280 42 61
Mobile: 079 779 97 18
E-Mail: gleichundandersschweiz@bluewin.ch
For inquiries concerning peer psychiatry, you can contact Hans Schmied.
If you need someone from their environment, Hans Schmied has the opportunity
to a club member – which also works for peer psychiatry – to forward.
Meditation for you
  Angela Schmied
Ballwilerstrasse 6
CH-6034 Inwil
Mobile: +41 79 265 30 89
E-Mail: info@meditation-foryou.ch
Web: https://www.meditation-foryou.ch
Feel well and come to rest. Treat yourself to a little break from everyday life.
Numerous studies show that regular meditation has a positive effect on health. I was allowed to feel and experience this myself. That’s why I graduated in 2016 as a meditation director and can pass this on with full conviction and heart and soul.
Regular meditations can promote the well-being of body, mind and soul and have a healing effect. In addition, meditating u.a. Relieving stress, promoting concentration, boosting self-confidence, adopting and releasing old or current patterns and burdens, achieving desired goals and promoting self-healing powers.
Meditation is an inner affection to oneself and can help one to follow and reach one’s heart’s path. The meditation should be hope and a bright spot for many people.
In addition to workshops and group meditations, I also offer individual meditations where you can specifically work on a desired topic. During the meditation (fantasy journey) we are often in nature’s minds and turn to the desired topic in peace. In individual meditation, I put these individually according to the client’s wishes.
SiBe – Sicherheitsbeauftragter
  Roger Geiser
Neumühle 4
6274 Eschenbach
Mobile: +41 78 / 772 17 67
E-Mail: geiser.roger@gmail.com
You are looking for someone who is doing an occupational health and safety audit in their company.
ThetaHealing®, Quantenheilung
  Claudia Küchler
Stauffacherstrasse 2
6020 Emmenbrücke
Mobile: 079 / 351  02  79
E-Mail: seelenleben@aponi.ch
Web: www.aponi.ch
Are you blocked over and over again with the same blockages, worries, problems, fears and beliefs in your life?
Do you want to let them go now?
Together we transform their physical and emotional pain into health, happiness and lightness.
You get back the joy of a self-determined life.
With ThetaHealing® and / or Quantum Healing we approach the cause / blockade and together solve your beliefs, problems, fears, phobias and worries.

Oliver Kuhn
Fabrikweg 12
6221 Rickenbach