Hans Schmied
Hans SchmiedPresident
Affected and peer

My way was not always linear. Many stones and boulders blocked my recovery.

Today I feel better, my life is back Lebenswerts.

Bei my last stay in 2014 psychiatrics I had set myself a goal: I want to sensitize the topic of mental health, sensitizing in the population, destigmatize. People do not belong to the margins of society. The Verein SAME AND OTHER Switzerland is about the issue of “mental health”. For this reason, I put my experience, in a psychiatric clinic as a peer (expert from experience) t in the population at eye level and in the club in the “cause” of mental health ein.Ich learned that the disease will meet you in a short time We can not look away!

Dr. med. Iris Breuer
Dr. med. Iris Breuer Vice President

I come from Kaiserslautern in Germany. After leaving school, I first studied communication sciences, Romance languages ​​and American studies before taking up my medical studies in Munich in 1980. The subsequent specialist training in internal medicine, with a focus on cardiology, led me to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Due to my interest in research and advances in medicine, I worked in several multinational companies from 1990 to 2012 and held numerous leadership positions in various fields.

Since 2012, I live in Switzerland and am working here in psychiatry. I completed my specialist training in the Lucerne Psychiatry and the inpatient and outpatient psychiatric services in Solothurn Psychiatry, my psychotherapy training at the Carl Gustav Jung Institute in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich, where I am since 2018 as a lecturer for international students.

My life is shaped of fascination and enthusiasm for people and innovation. In medicine, and especially in psychiatry, I strive to support people in crises and to provide them with long-term best possible health, quality of life and social integration or inclusion.

Yvonne Schmied
Yvonne SchmiedCashier

After more than 15 years, my husband is slowly recovering from the severe mental illness. For me and our son, the situation with my sick husband was not always easy. The disease came slowly into the family.

Now others have to work – how should I make contact with my husband? It had quickly become clear to me that I could not stop the impact of the psychic episode, not live through it, could not stand it. I had to stay away and protect ourselves.

My focus was on our son. He quickly tried to take the place from Dad and was overwhelmed. My son needed a year of psychological care – we must never forget our children!

Roger Geiser
Roger GeiserActuary

My wife has told me from the beginning how it is about her. Shortly after our marriage in 2007, she collapsed. From then on we had to change our life completely. No day was the same as the other.

Sometimes it was easier than expected, however I also reached the limits. It was a tough fight, but we, especially my wife, mastered it with flying colors.

I want to show here that you can not forget the family members. These too suffer and need energy and possibly support. But also that the person concerned is not alone, but has someone with whom one can talk.

We help by listening and accompanying them on their way to recovery.

Alfred Widmer
Alfred WidmerAllrounder

My life was like an endless roller coaster ride. Every now and then the train derailed and continued without rails.

I was in the psychiatric clinic in 2004/2006, where finally the train journey was stopped. In courses / therapies from the clinic, I had a lot of aha experiences.

For me it was quickly clear that I have to take a different direction of life. The stays in the clinic I experienced positive and very instructive.

For me, an independent life always came first. I have learned to be careful with myself. Sometimes to say no, if necessary also to pull the emergency brake. Today I am very proud of my life, that I regained piece by piece. I have always been a very social person. Therefore, I can support the association with my very big life experiences. Let’s do it together, we still have a lot of work to do. We can do it with you.

Tanja Bernhard
Tanja BernhardAllrounderin

I am committed to the association “GLElCH AND ANDERS Schweiz” because I want to pass on my experiences and want to work for mental health.

It is my intention to promote knowledge about mental illness in society and to combat prejudices.

Sara Salzmann
Sara SalzmannBoard Member
Seeklinik Brunnen (Head of Cooperation Management) und AMEOS (Project Manager AMEOS Stadtpraxen AG)

My motivation and conviction: I am committed to the destigmatization of psychiatry and to the equal treatment of people with mental illness. Awareness of the public and the company / employer is very important to me. A future-oriented integrated patient care should already start in the prevention and early detection. Thus, the topic of “mental health” affects all people – the same and different.