Therese Stutz Steiger (initiator) had the idea for a film project. This arose inter alia because it was concerned with the development of the labor market, which reduced the chances of equality especially for the mentally handicapped. She also hoped to make a contribution towards new dimensions in everyday dealings with the mentally ill. Therefore, she had teamed up with Jürg Neuenschwander (director).
From more than 60 applicants for the movie “SAME AND DIFFERENT”, 14 applicants were selected. For various reasons you could not use all protagonists in the main movie.
Therefore, visit with 14 interview films with the protagonists, 5 short films on work and mental disorders as well as further information. The portraits and short films are suitable for inclusion in presentations, discussions and lectures.

We can proudly say that we won the Audience Award: the Berner Filmpreis Festival 2016 with the film “SAME AND DIFFERENT”


The number of people struggling with psychological difficulties in the workplace is increasing rapidly. In the movie “SAME AND DIFFERENT” affected people give direct insight into the challenges they face at work and in the workplace: they express their personal and authentic experiences with employers, social security, doctors and social institutions.
We meet people who, despite many exclusions and resistances, take their lives into their own hands. Such as they start their own business or find a new job, undertake further education or simply find happiness together with the new love in a jointly acquired condominium.
Despite confidence, we also experience that much will never be the same again as before the collapse, that a professional, financial or social decline must sometimes be accepted. Thanks to the views of relatives and employers, differentiated, touching images emerge from the lives of people with mental illnesses



Through the film “SAME AND DIFFERENT” the protagonists, like their relatives, came together.
From these acquaintances, some have teamed up and brought the association “GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz” to life.

The foundation was on December 11, 2016



Kapfweid 16
6020 Emmenbrücke



  • Under the name GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz there is an association according to Art. 60ff ZGB
  • The association is non-profit as well as denominational and party politically neutral.


Financial medium

• Membership fees(CHF 50.00)

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Everybody welcomes us, who are against the stigmatization and prejudices.
Together we can develop understanding on both sides.
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• Revenue from film rental / remuneration for lectures in companies, schools, etc.

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Hans Schmied, Association president
Peer Psychiatrie
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Luzerner Kantonalbank AG
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  • The film “SAME AND DIFFERENT” – if the psyche requires us, by Jürg Neuenschwander and Therese Stutz Steiger, is intended as an aid for lectures, podiums and comparable informative events.
  • Protagonists for lectures and panel discussions


Aim and purpose

  • The association GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz aims to improve the mental health of all and is involved in the prevention, as well as the integration and support of people who are affected by mental difficulties.
  • Assistance and support of relatives
  • Destigmatization of prejudice against people with mental difficulties