We are an independent and non-profit association in Switzerland.
We consider valuable youth and adult work, as well as social commitment as an important aspect.
We promote acceptance and respect in society and sensitize the population to people with mental illness.
The offer for young and old for our association brings mutual dynamism, exchange, integration and inclusion as well as the holistic experience.
We see ourselves as an organizer, service provider and stakeholder.
As members, we welcome all interested parties who identify with our goals and feel addressed by our offer.

Objectives of our association work

The aim of the association GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz is the promotion of mental health and is involved in the prevention, integration / inclusion and support of people with mental illness and their relatives.

image of man and attitude

Our association strives to provide a point of contact for people with mental illnesses.
Mental illness develops according to our understanding of various social, health and personal factors. Each user brings their own life story, from the very individual needs, problems and goals emerge.
We know that we work in a very private area. That’s why we value discretion, self-determination and recovery.

Ethics and environmental behavior

The optimal care of our members is a central concern to us. The goal is to keep the members as active and passive in the long term.

Enttabuization of mental illness

Although widespread, it does not openly talk about mental illness and stigmatizes those affected.


A healthy financial situation on our part and the securing of long-term revenues are at the forefront of our efforts. With financial planning we want to record and manage the future financial needs and income of our association.
In addition to the membership fees as main income, we want to open up new financial sources, among others in the field of patrons and donors.

Management and organization

We support and promote the idealism of honorary members on the board.
The executive board acts in the sense of a collegiate authority closed to the outside. He is responsible for the entire club’s affairs.

Information / communication

We are committed to open, objective and timely information and communication. We rely on proven and modern instruments such as:



To achieve the club goals, we work closely with other clubs, organizations in our area and the authorities.

Kapfweid 16
6020 Emmenbrücke

Hans Schmied, Peer Psychiatrie
Iris Breuer, psychiatrist
Vice President



The male name of a function or person automatically includes the female as well.

Emmenbrücke, August 2018