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Already held Movie screenings / event

 Event  Jan. 01, 18 in Bern    
 Movie screenings  Jan. 21, 18 in Bern    
 Movie screenings  Jan. 28, 18 in Bern    
 Movie screenings Feb. 04, 18 in Bern    
 Event March 07, 18 in Schöftland
mentally ill, on the margins of society?!
(Trialogical panel discussion)
null To the gallery
 Event March 17, 18 General Assembly, Olten    
 Movie screenings March 21, 18 “Closed society”
in Utzensdorf, Bern
 Movie screenings April 11, 18 Canton Hospital Grisons, Chur null To the gallery
 Movie screenings April 20, 18 Catholic Parish Home, Ruswil LU    
 Stand action May 25, 18 ref. Kirchgemeinde,
Klingnau-Döttingen AG 
 Stand action June 30, 18 ArWo Frutigland BE null To the gallery
 Stand action,   Workshop, 
 Movie screenings
Sept. 05-07, 18 PSY- Kongress, Bern null To the gallery
 Movie screenings,   Podium Sept. 10, 18 Perspektive Thurgau, Tour de Courage    
 Stand action,   Workshop Sept. 14/15, 18 Patientenkongress, Bern null To the gallery
 Podium Oct. 02, 18 Pro Infirmis, Chur
«Mental illness in the workplace»
null To the gallery
Oct. 28, 18 Amt für Gesundheit Kanton Thurgau, Frauenfeld TG null To the gallery
 Projektgruppe July-Nov. 18 «My balance»,
Project of Migros Schweiz
 Workshop Oct. 30, 18 For employees with burnout and before that
For employees of a company
 Podium Oct. 30, 18 Clinic Schlosstal, Winterthur-Wülflingen
Kaleidoscope self-help
Lecture Nov. 28, 18 Lions Club Lucerne null To the gallery
Anniversary event (25 years) Dec. 12, 18 sintegrA Zurich, People’s House Zurich null To the gallery