Statutes of the association GLEICH UND ANDERS Switzerland

(Integration and support of people with mental difficulties)

§ 1. Name and Head of the association

  1. Under the name GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz there is an association according to Art. 60ff ZGB
  2. Head of the association in 6020 Emmenbrücke, Kapfweid 16.

§ 2. Aim and purpose

The association GLEICH UND ANDERS Schweiz aims to improve the mental health of all and is involved in the prevention, as well as the integration and support of people who are affected by mental difficulties.
The film “SAME AND DIFFERENT – when the psyche challenges us” – by Jürg Neuenschwander and Therese Stutz Steiger, was intended as an fool/instrument for lectures and comparable informative events.
The association is non-profit as well as denominational and party politically neutral.

§ 3. Membership

  1. Members of the association can become natural and legal persons who are willing to recognize and promote the purpose and purpose of the association.
  2. The board definitely decides on the admission and exclusion of members.
  3. The recording can be done at any time.
  4. The withdrawal from the association takes place at the end of the financial year.
  5. The board can exclude members.
  6. At the request of the person concerned, a hearing is to be carried out before an exclusion. The decision of the executive committee is final and will be communicated in writing. He can not be explained further.
  7. The membership fees are determined by the General Assembly, but may not exceed CHF 100.– for individual members.
    Each legal entity makes an annual contribution of at least CHF 200 .–.
  8. The membership expires through:
    • Exit
    • Exclusion
    • Death of a natural person
    • Dissolution of a legal entity

§ 4. Medium

The financial resources of the association consist of:

  1. Membership fees DVD sales
  2. Revenue from film rental (“GLEICH UND ANDERS”)
  3. Remuneration for lectures in companies, schools, etc. (Goal: Speakers should receive an allowance.)
  4. Donate
  5. Legates

§ 5. Liability

His assets are liable for the liabilities of the association. The liability of the members is limited to the membership fee.

§ 6. Organs

The organs of the association are:

  1. • the general meeting
  2. • the board
  3. • the control body

§ 7. General Assembly

  1. The general meeting is the supreme organ of the association and takes place once a year. An Extraordinary General Assembly may be convened by the Board at any time or upon written request by at least one fifth of the members.
  2. The General Assembly shall be convened in writing by the Executive Board at least 30 days in advance with simultaneous announcement of the agenda.
  3. Applications from members to the General Assembly must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board no later than 14 days prior to the same.
  4. The decisions of the general meeting are made with a simple majority of the members present. In case of a tie, the President decides. Changes to the statutes and the dissolution of the association require the approval of two-thirds of the members present.

§ 8. Competences of the General Assembly

The general meeting is responsible for:

  1. Acceptance of annual report, annual accounts and report of the control body
  2. Relief of the board
  3. Determination of membership fees
  4. Election of the President, the other members of the Executive Board and the Control Body
  5. Amendment of the Articles of Association
  6. Approval of a possible mission statement of the association.
  7. Dissolution of the association and decision on the use of the assets.
  8. The negotiations of the general meeting are recorded.

§ 9. Board and its competences

  1. In addition to the president, the board consists of 2-6 members. It is constituted with the exception of the President himself and is elected for a term of 3 years. Re-election is permissible. A member of the Executive Board can resign at any time.
  2. The board can set up working groups for specific tasks and delegate individual tasks to them.

The board is responsible for:

  1. Execution of the resolutions of the general meeting
  2. Preparation of the general meeting and determination of the agenda
  3. Inclusion and expulsion of members
  4. Organization and coordination of film screenings and other actions
  5. Any separate regulations film rental
  6. The agenda of the next General Assembly must be drafted no later than 60 days prior to the meeting.

§ 10. Control body

The general meeting elects the auditors for a term of office of three years. Re-election is permissible.

§ 11. Dissolution of the association

  1. The dissolution of the association can only be decided on a general meeting.
  2. In the event of dissolution, the members of the dissolution meeting determine which charitable institution with a related purpose is to be given the existing club assets.

§ 12. Adoption of the Articles of Association

The above statutes have been approved at the founding meeting of 11 December 2016 in Emmenbrücke.

Emmenbrücke, 11 December 2016